Mother's Pride

July 31, 2020

Humans have different modes to communicate with each other. We as humans stand out above all the other species around as we are capable to express and communicate through writing.

When a child is born, we eagerly wait for him/her to start communicating verbally to hear him/her say first words. It gives one immense happiness. As he grows older, we also need to inculcate writing skill to help him pursue his schooling years. Writing skill is not one is born with but parents and pre-school teacher teach the technique of holding a crayon or brush to scribble that slowly progresses towards proper writing.

Parents focus on developing writing skill as it is an essential skill that a child would imbibe for a lifelong period. A child starts going to school where the focus is on developing fine motor skill to prepare him slowly towards his prewriting skill. Sorting, beading, lacing, tearing and pasting, playdough, water play, sand play, play blocks. A play way method to make children enjoy as well as develop their fine motor skills.

At home also, we can make sort beans, tearing squeezing newspaper, peeling  green peas and also scribbling with crayons, using water colour. Once he grows little older, then we can teach him making pattern with crayons.

Learning patterns like:

  • Standing line
  • Sleeping line
  • Making circle
  • Spiral sheet

All these patterns help him in writing letters and numbers in the future. Sometimes, we see a child holding a crayon in a different way or may be writing with his left hand, as he himself trying to figure out the right and comfortable way to hold crayon or brush. In such case, we need to provide a proper guidance also give the child the time he needs, so he himself can learn in his own comfortable way. In such case we need not rush the child for the result but keep our patience and support the child in every possible way.

In today’s world when we have all the facilities and amenities where we can just speak, and the words get typed on the electronic gazette. All our mathematical problems are solved with a touch of button. One may ask What is the need to make my child write? Of course, we are privileged to have such resources, but technologies are completely depending on the supply of electricity or our network system.

There are painters, sculptures, poets, writers their vision is showcased in the form of poem, story, and beautiful painting. So, it is necessary to teach children to draw, to create and they will be one who will create our future. Here the child’s fine motor development in the initial years play an important role.

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